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5 Medicinal Mushrooms That Are Great in Recipes

5 Medicinal Mushrooms That Are Great In Recipes

With over 38,000 species of mushrooms known to man, it’s not hard to find some that both medicinal and great in recipes.  While some mushrooms tend to have a mixed reputation, many are not only delicious but also medicinal.

But from the Vikings to the Ancient Greeks, the practice of using medicinal mushrooms for food and medicine has been enjoyed by people for centuries.

With the wonders of modern medicine, we now know more than ever before about the benefits of medicinal mushrooms and that they are great in recipes.

Shiitake mushrooms – for blood health…and more

Shiitake mushrooms are popular staples in traditional Japanese dishes. Whether you throw it into a soup to help enhance the umami flavor of the broth, or into a stir fry for some added crunch, shiitake mushrooms have a solid place in a variety of dishes.

As a superfood, shiitake mushrooms have been known to help people with weight loss and with maintaining healthy skin. They are also proven to boost the immune system to help fight off illnesses.

As a part of this, shiitake mushrooms improve blood flow, which can be especially beneficial to those suffering from atherosclerosis.

As an excellent source of vitamins B and D, the shiitake mushroom makes an excellent addition to any meal you plan to cook for yourself or your loved ones.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms – for cognitive support and brain health…  and more

The popularity of lion’s mane mushrooms lie in their promotion of cognitive health. The two compounds found in lion’s mane, hericenones and erinacines, support the growth of brain cells, improving cognitive functionality.

This mushroom also possesses an abundance of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, they improve gut health, and can stabilize your mood.

Lion’s mane is best enjoyed either fried of sautéed. It is important to remember that these mushrooms retain large amounts of water, so you must either avoid washing them or give them time to dry before tossing them into the frying pan.

Morels – for bone health…and more

There is a reason morels are so treasured. Their thin, earthy, meaty flavor is unmatched in the world of mushrooms.

Simply sauté them with a little oil, butter, wine, or cream, and you’ll have yourself the tastiest of meals.

These mushrooms are a great source of calcium, making them ideal for improving bone health and for preventing osteoporosis.

They are also high in important vitamins and minerals including as Vitamin B12 and Copper.

Cordyceps mushrooms – for energy and immune health…and more

Used as a medicine in ancient China, Cordyceps have the potential to offer valuable healing properties.

They are proven to increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which boosts energy during exercise.

There is also research to suggest that cordyceps may also have anti-aging properties, have the ability to heal tumors, help stabilize blood sugar levels, and help reduce fatty triglyceride in your blood.

Cook this earthy mushroom into a pasta or soup and enjoy reaping the plentiful health benefits.

Port0bello mushrooms – for the heart…and more

Meaty, hearty, and bursting with flavor, portobellos are a tried and tested favorite in many kitchens.

As a highly versatile mushroom, they can be grilled with steaks, or as steaks, and savory barbeque sauce, or grilled alone as mushroom bacon.

Otherwise Portobello mushrooms can also be sautéed with garlic butter or can even be used to create mouthwatering stuffed mushrooms. portobellos can go with just about anything.

Portobello mushrooms are also a fantastic source of copper, potassium, and Vitamin B6. Containing 11% of your daily fiber, these mushrooms have proven to lower your risk of heart disease and improve digestion.

Wrapping it up

There is so much more to mushrooms than the tried and true button mushrooms, tasty, healthful and versatile as they are.

Combining the medicinal with the culinary benefits, mushrooms are a must for most kitchens…and medicine cabinets.  Be sure to keep an eye out as we explore even more varieties of mushrooms for the gifts they bring to life.




Susan Sugar

Susan is a psychotherapist and health coach who takes a holistic and integrative approach to having the best life possible. She knows the importance of our foods in dealing with depression, anxiety, our health and general well-being. After facing the possibility of cancer she began exploring ways to help her body, mind and spirit have the best resources to fight the cancer cells. What started as an intriguing research became a passion. Now, she wants to be sure that you have any and all information you need on how these magnificent fungi can help you have the best life possible.

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